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About Meshtech

Meshtech was founded in 2012 and are focusing on making solutions for healthcare and industrial use. With more than 50.000 installations in Europe our sensors collects billions of data points each day.

Meshtech's three-step principle

We know that IoT applications can be realized in a very pragmatic way, that is why we work to take the complexity out of IoT for every single project.

This three-step process will let you keep control of time and money and will make your IoT project a reality.

1. Define

We understand that every project is unique.  Leveraging the Internet of things for any given application requires first understanding what needs to be achieved and what are the expected outcomes.

For us, the first step of an IoT project is to define together what data you need and how you plan to use them.


2. Capture

Using the right sensor for your application is key to achieving a successful project. Our configurable multi-sensors can solve many applications, however, if the gap can't be bridged, we can design a sensor that will fit your application.

We’ll set up a Bluetooth network to move the data to your server or in the cloud


3. Scale

A proof of concept for any IoT project is the safest way to start, however it is important to keep in mind that the proof of concept should be put in production.

We always design our pilot installation with the end in mind and are happy to help you scale and manage your setup through the lifecycle.



We connect things and people to make things better


We are true with our customers and we stand for what we believe


We are expert in what we do and we know our limitation

Making things talk

Everything gets better when we communicate. Even the daily things we surround us with, become more useful when you can extract valuable data – or make them talk. You should get the right information at the right time from any chosen physical objects. That’s what Meshtech is all about.

Who is Meshtech

Meshtech is your Technology partner that will take your IoT project to reality, and make it easy to deploy, and scale.

It' all about scaling

No one cares about a great pilot. The business of your IoT solution becomes real when it scales. That’s why we don’t to sell you a R&D project. We will use our existing sensor range, make small adaptions or e develop a new product, whatever can get your connected product out in the market at scale quickly.

Minimize your need for hardware

Internet of Things, is for sure about hardware. But we believe you should be able to scale your IoT project without having to deploy more hardware than absolutely necessary. You can build a solution on infrastructure you already have in place, like your WiFi gateways. And combine many sensors into one single device, like our Multitracker.

Easy to deploy
Internet of things should not be hard to deploy, after all it is about getting data from a sensor to your application and not creating a interconnection of datasenter. - Get the data delivered in your application via MQTT and deploy your sensor with any on site configuration.

We are hiring

Meshtech is growing fast and is always on the lookout for top talents within our field. We want to hear from you!

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Our main office is located in Arendal, we have administration and sales activities out in Oslo, and development activities in Ukraine and India. 


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Proven track record

People at Meshtech has proven track record of successful project and has the experience to make the most for your application with the existing technology.

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