Nursing Home Alarm System

In 2016 we set up our first installation together with Sensio in Fredrikstad, Norway. Today the system is installed in more than 80 nursing homes and helps the elderly feel safe at any time.
men on a el scooter

Improved Parking of Electric Scooters

Together with the Norwegian electric scooter company SparkPark, we are designing a better parking system that can sense if a scooter is parked correctly. This aims to reduce the random disbandment of electric scooters.

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2020 - present

Next-generation pet tracker

In collaboration with Telenor and DyreID, we are developing a new pet collar. It will feature real-time tracking and provide health data.

Smart Screw for Monitoring Buildings

Meshtech, together with a construction company, has developed a smart screw that can monitor temperaturepressure, and humidity. The screw helps detect moisture and water leakages before any damage occurs.

2017 – present

Smart Gym

D-Fetch provides a business optimization platform built specifically for fitness club operators. Meshtech is the technology partner that captures data from all gym equipment.


Milk Trolley Tracker

We developed a trolley tracking solution with one of the primary dairy companies in Norway. The product could track milk trolleys during transport between factories and consumer stores. The product featured the Nordic Semiconductor chipset nRF9160 that communicated directly to the cloud using LTE.

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The journey continues

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