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Per Waldemar Simonsen
By Per Waldemar Simonsen on February 11, 2022

Cisco Teams up with Meshtech

(Arendal 21.09.2021) A new collaboration gives companies a shortcut to access key data from their physical environment. Do we utilize our office space efficiently, is the temperature right, and what about the air quality in the meeting room? These and many other questions are being asked now when more people are returning back to their offices, energy prices are surging and climate emissions need to come down.


Through a new collaboration between Cisco and Meshtech AS, companies can obtain data like these from IoT sensors, without installing additional infrastructure. The Norwegian IoT specialist Meshtech has developed software that may be rolled out in the widespread Cisco 9100 access points, making a collection of sensor data easy.

Cisco's Catalyst 9100 series access points are market leaders and are found in thousands in commercial and public buildings in Norway. Commercial buildings represent 40% of global climate emissions. If we are to reduce energy consumption, limit the climate footprint and simplify maintenance, we must utilize data from buildings in a smart way. The collection of such data is now made easy by deploying affordable sensors with long battery life, without the need to invest in or install new network infrastructure.


“Meshtech focuses on collecting data from our physical environment while consuming as little energy as possible, and the company offers a portfolio of sensors with long battery life based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol. The ability to ease the collection of data and avoid unnecessary installation has been the driving force of the development team in Norway. Utilising already installed equipment comes in extra handy these days when semiconductors are hard to source.


"We are proud of this collaboration, Cisco has seen the value of the work our skilled team has put in, and we are now starting the rollout among customers in Norway and the Nordics in the first place. The next step is an expansion towards smart building customers across Europe " says Per Simonsen, CEO of Meshtech AS.


Collaboration presented on Cisco's blog:


Link to Meshtech's product page:


For further information, please contact:

Per Simonsen, CEO Meshtech,,

mobile +4790123948


Published by Per Waldemar Simonsen February 11, 2022
Per Waldemar Simonsen